Why juicing is so good for you

It is with no doubt that freshly squeezed juice is rich in vitamins and minerals which are very essential for a healthy mind and body. Health specialists and doctors have proven that nutritional deficiency is one the contributor of development of diseases. We intake too much processed and fast foods leaving out the most nutritious and healthy natural and pure foods. Juicing is a very is a very delicious way to ensure you intake more vitamins and minerals. Here are some of the reasons why juicing is so good for you.

Fruits and vegetables are very rich in nutrients especially vitamins. These vitamins are very essential for our bodies. Some of these vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.
Vitamin A is important to our bodies as it enhances eyesight and also increases nails and skin health. It has also been associated to prevention of cancer and also better heart health. Fresh Carrots and greens are an excellent source of this Vitamin. Vitamin B Complex is composed of several B Vitamins that work together and helps in digestion and also prevents infections. Vitamin B Complex is commonly found in fresh juices from greens, citrus fruits and sprout. Vitamin C helps in fighting colds and protects the body against heart related complications and cancer. It is found in all fresh fruit juices.

These are some of the vitamins our bodies require so as to function normally. Minerals such as iron, potassium, selenium and magnesium are also needed by our bodies. These are available in juices and so it is important to incorporate freshly squeezed juice to your diet every day. Juicing is also good in fighting constipation. The foods needed are parsnips, Brussels, papaya, cabbage, lettuce, funnel, grapes, beetroot and figs. Your bowels are bound to work smoothly once you introduce juice to your every day diet.

Before you start juicing, you should first consult a medical practitioner prior to making any major changes to your diet. While juicing, you should use vegetables and fruits that you like so as to create a juice that is tasteful and delicious to you so as you can enjoy it fully.

You should also find a juicer that is easy to take apart for cleaning. The juicer should be capable to extract all the nutrients from the fruits and also it should be of low speed to avoid generation of a lot of heat. One such juicing machine is the Breville 800JEXL which has a juicing system that is able to extract more nutrients more than any other juicers available. It also maintains low temperatures to protect enzymes and so maximize absorption of required nutrients.
If you don’t want your juice with together with the pulp, you can use coffee filters or cheese cloth to sieve them out. Foam can also form while juicing and can also be removed in the same way as the pulp. As we have seen above, juicing is very healthy and nutritious so we should make an effort to incorporate a glass of juice in our every day regiment

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