What is a Toaster Oven

What is a Toaster Oven

The convection toaster oven is a advanced kitchen appliance, and as the name implies, a toaster and an oven packed into one small powerful package.

Compared to the toaster, it has a lot more space and a multitude of uses.

Compared to the conventional oven, it is smaller and usually fits well on top of a counter making it easy to fit into a small kitchen and giving you a better height for you to work at.

These counter-placed ovens are a true dual purpose appliance: they can perform the function of a toaster as well as all the regular functions of a conventional oven. Not only will it make your toast for breakfast, it will also cook the main item for your dinner the very same evening.

Thanks to the faster heat-up and cooking times this types of oven are among other things great for cooking food items that you want to take with you on the go.

They are also much more energy efficient than conventional ovens because that they require less electricity for the same amount of cooking.  In this sense they are more cost efficient than conventional ovens.

You can use it to cook several different food items, such as roasted chicken, steak, lasagna, baked potatoes and even your very own pizza. The uses are therefore pretty much unlimited, allowing anything you can think of that you would normally cook in your conventional oven. Plus, or course, it can make the best possible toast!

Another feature of a toaster oven compared to a conventional oven is usability. The toaster oven is almost always placed in a better height for you to work with it and the control settings allow you to control the cooking time, temperature, and cook setting. Usually there are also a number of pre-set cooking programs to make various dishes and food items independent on your cooking skills.

Now you only need to ask yourself: Which toaster oven is the right one for you?

For the answer to this question, check out our Breville Toaster Oven reviews right here at Breville Review!

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