Things You Didn’t Know Your Juicer Could Do

Things You Didn’t Know Your Juicer Could Do

I am sure there are things you didn’t know your juicer could do.  If you are someone who loves juices and smoothie shops, then you will most certainly enjoy owning a juicer. However, there are those who have bought the juicer who have had the novelty wear off after only a short time has elapsed, but who still utilized it to make juices from particular fruits that are available in specific seasons and yet others who used it to make their usual healthy juices as a part of their healthy regimen.

Once you have purchased a juicer, there are ways in which you can ensure that it does not become just one more appliance that will take up space in your kitchen and/or cabinet.  In order to do this, you will need to make using it become a habit and after a little while you will realize that it is not something you want to live without.  With this appliance you can mix up juices that are not only healthy and good for you, but that also tastes wonderful as well.

One good idea for you to use your juicer often is to keep it on the counter and always keeping it clean as well.  If you are always using your juicer then it will not seem as if it is just another appliance cluttering your kitchen counter top.  In keeping your juicer clean at all times, you should ensure that it is washed right after being used.  When this is done, sugars and pulps will not dry up on the parts of the juicer and thereby rendering it more difficult to clean.  A clean juicer will be an even greater incentive for you to use it more often.

Among the things you didn’t know your juicer could do is that it is able to make more than just delicious and very healthy juices.  In fact, it can make sorbets, popsicles and even ice cubes.  In addition, it can also mix up gourmet cocktails, create marinades, as well as make different types of soups.

If you are an owner of a juicer, you should consider giving these juicer recipes a go. To make carrot ginger soup that will be enough for two persons, you will need two cups fresh carrot juice that you will press with fresh ginger. That will be in addition to a half cup of plain yogurt, as well as chives for garnishing.

When making your carrot ginger soup you should make a combination of your yogurt and your carrot juice that has been pressed with ginger.  The mixture should then be placed in the refrigerator to chill and then it can be served with your freshly chopped chives as garnish.

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