Convection toaster oven vs. regular toaster oven

It is not a new sight to see an oven in many households. They have however evolved from the large kinds to more portable types that can do almost all the functions of the bigger ovens. Large sized ovens have a tendency to let out a lot of heat unlike the smaller kinds making the latter more energy efficient.

So you have decided to get a smaller oven, but are at crossroads. Convection toaster oven vs. Regular toaster oven – do i need convection functionality or not? For this question to be answered it is good to understand the various ways that they work.

Toaster ovens work this way; food is placed in a box and heated from metal coils which have been heated by electricity. The heat then flows freely to the food. The food is then heated from the top to other parts of the food. In convectional Ovens, its make and size is similar to the toaster oven. The major difference is that convection ovens have an in-built fan that enables even distribution of heat. This is a big advantage as it cooks the foods faster by getting the food to absorb the heat from the oven faster.

Before you decide on which toaster is best, you must consider all the additional features. Take for example the Breville toaster ovens; they have some amazing function such as;A variety of menu functions,Memory device to remember used menu functions. They have the ability to automatically adjust any independent heating elements.

Find one that has good features and one that you will most likely use. If you prefer to cook food quickly, a conventional oven would be a good choice. If however you always reheat food occasionally, getting a toaster oven would be the better choice. The conventional features are good but factors such as price and needs can affect your choice in getting it.

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